How To Act After Being Involved In A Car Collision

How to act after being involved in a car collision

Car collisions are one of the main reasons for the increasing number of personal injuries every year in the US. Unfortunately many of them have fatal outcomes for the injured victims. Recent surveys show that more than 32,885 highway deaths were caused exactly by that type of accident. car accident lawyers
This explains why there is an increasing demand for legal services form car accident injury lawyers over the past few years.

Car accident injury lawyers: The sad news here is that even if there are many reputed names that are experts in the negligence tort law field people still can’t reach them and take advantage of their consultations and legal services. This is due to the fact that people still haven’t learned how to search properly. The fact that some of them have to do it while experiencing extreme pain also adds to the possibility that they just appoint someone to defend them without researching their case history or without obtaining any recommendations from past customers. This is an absolutely wrong approach for anyone who is entitled for a compensation and wants to receive a full and fair one.

Car accident injury lawyers are the people who are actually the only individuals who will be truly on your side and will fight for your rights, so you should not just randomly pick a negligence attorney, but make a research and choose the one that will win you the highest settlement in no time. There are a few things that you should do in order not to ruin your case, though as once you have done it no matter how good your legal defender is it will be extremely hard to win a good monetary relief.

Here is what you should do when you get involved in a car accident and have been injured by another negligent party:

Call the police and report exactly what has happened, without overreacting or being too emotional. The faster you do this the sooner they will arrive to assess the collision and write a police report that you may find later useful in court.

Ask to be given a time to find a personal injury attorney before giving any written or taped statement. Once you calm down you will see that you will have a more vivid picture of the situation and will know better what to include in your statement to make it work in your favor. This is another task your lawyer should help you with during the accident attorneys
Call an ambulance if you are not so severely injured and can do that and do not move any of the other victims before they arrive unless, of course you are a doctor yourself. If you do that you risk to cause additional pain to the injured and that may be later used in court against you as well.
If possible, take some pictures of the place where the accident occurred and collect some contact data of the witnesses that may later testify in your favor.
In order to learn more about all those and to be given much more information about personal injury cases and how you can win a good settlement you better contact a car accident lawyer. Call 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE and use us to redirect you to a reputed litigation attorney in your area free of charge.

Our Law Firm Handles Construction Defect Claims

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The reasons and causes of construction defects in homes and condos can also be based on the products and building materials the builder selects. Housing developments are going up with at such a rapid rate that builders and developers have a tendency to cut corners when they can. One area to do this is with building materials and/or products they use in the house. This could be appliances, plumbing equipment, dry wall material, and so on. This also goes for the contractors they choose to use. Again, some contractors cost more than others. This is clearly based on their qualifications and whether they are licensed or not. Poor workmanship frequently causes construction defects attorneys

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Construction defect liability generally is based on the decisions the builder and/or developer makes. First, they are in the position to decide what construction strategy they will use. The need to analyze the soil and prepare it adequately before breaking ground to build is an example of a decision. Second, the developer has a choice where to build and if land with bad soil is chosen, it is both the builder’s and developer’s responsibility to choose the best construction strategy that will prevent building issues and construction defect to occur (as much as possible).

If you suspect that you may have a construction defect in your home, condo or townhome, you need to document the issues you are experiencing. This would include taking pictures of any noticeable defects inside and outside your house. Also, you need to determine how severe the construction defect is to know whether or not you should take steps to repair it or if you can wait until you have consulted with an attorney. You need to consult with an attorney to know exactly what steps you need to take to come to the best resolution to your potential construction defect issues.

Causes of Construction Defects in Homes and Condos: Improper Soil Analysis and Preparations. Site Selection and Planning .Civil and Structural Engineering. Defective Building Materials (Material Deficiencies).Negligent Construction. Design Deficiencies. Construction Deficiencies

Improper Soil Analysis and Preparations

When a builder chooses an area of land to build on, it is important they do some sort of soil analysis and preparation. The analysis will provide the developer and/or builder with enough information to choose the adequate soil preparation and construction strategy that should be used to develop the land. Improper soil analysis and preparations can be very damaging to a housing development. For example, a builder can discover that the land soil is made up of expansive soil. If this is the case, houses need to have a foundation that will be able to support the changing pressure and consistency of the soil. This is because expansive soil will swell when wet and then shrink once it dries. If one builds on this type of soil and is not aware or it, there will inevitably be issues to handle. There will be cracks in the stucco, walls, retaining walls, garage floor, pavements and elsewhere. The fix is very costly and very intrusive. Unfortunately, the reality is improper soil analysis and preparations happen all the time.