Statistics about rollover accidents and their consequences

Rollover Accident

Surprisingly, vehicle rollover accidents are now responsible for about 1/3 of all highway vehicle occupant death cases. It is also worth pointing out that a very high percent of every rollover ends up with a fatality, no matter if the injured victim dies at the accident scene or later in the emergency room. Rollovers tend to be the most serious of all types of motor-vehicle accidents. Statistics are the worst when we speak about light and heavy trucks as well as SUVs – there the percentage of occupant fatalities is about 50% -60%.personal injury law - car accident attorneys

Vehicle occupants who are seriously hurt or killed in rollover accidents as well as their relatives are entitled by law to receive a financial compensation to reimburse them for their:

Pain and suffering as a result of the physical injuries that they have sustained during the accident
Non-physical injuries and stress the negligence victims had experienced
Loss of companionship, parental care and financial support, in the cases of fatalities
Loss of incomes and missed job opportunities
Medical and any other accident-related expenses, etc.

In order to obtain the full and fair financial compensation vehicle rollover victims deserve, victims need to use professional legal services. A good idea is to hire a negligence attorney quickly after the rollover as you will definitely stand a better chance to obtain the settlement you were hoping for. An experienced litigator can navigate your traffic accident case in a positive direction from the very beginning by cooperating with the authorities and giving you advice on how to act in order not to ruin your case.

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